We have joined The Progressive Slate and the statewide Progressive Slate Network because we believe that the California Democratic Party and our state government should help and protect all people and in so doing, shine as a beacon for the nation. We view politics as a grassroots, bottom-up process that should work for positive systemic change. We strive to unite all Democrats in prioritizing the immense economic, social, racial and environmental injustices facing our country and our planet, and uphold those ideals as set forth in the California Democratic Platform.
With the emergencies of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate-related wildfires, and the exposure of heart-wrenching truths about racial inequality, we see more than ever the disastrous consequences of self-serving political agendas and money in politics delaying and obstructing urgent action. We will oppose corruption and work to unite in order to make political and economic systems responsive to the needs of all people - the poor, the working class, and all historically marginalized communities. In so doing, we ask the best of ourselves and each other.

To create a truer and more effective united Party and nation, we call for transparency, accountability and oversight in operations and funding, addressing clear conflicts of interest. By walking our talk, delivering on our promises, and effectively engaging with under-engaged citizens on issues directly affecting them, Democrats can unite and earn the trust of alienated voters and win more elections.

We are committed to these and other progressive goals, and to supporting candidates that embrace them:

  • Guaranteeing affordable, quality, single payer universal healthcare as a human right.
  • Strengthening California’s Green New Deal legislation; banning fracking; transitioning to green energy, organic, regenerative agriculture and other practices that sequester carbon; justice for communities of color and indigenous peoples most affected by climate change and pollution.
  • Dismantling systemic racism and policies and institutions that enable it. Re-allocating significant law enforcement funds to culturally competent mental and social health services; listening to BIPOC voices and supporting their movements; eliminating money bail (in the right way).
  • Preserving, protecting and expanding Social Security and elder and people with disabilities’ rights.
  • Addressing the wealth and income gap by enacting a billionaire tax to fund: social services, childcare, quality education (preschool to college), student debt relief (and reform); expanded affordable housing, resources and services for unhoused residents.
  • Restoring/Protecting Voting Rights and Election Integrity; restoring voter confidence.
  • Reforming Campaign Finance; overturning Citizens United; eliminating corruptive money in politics (e.g. in ballot measure campaigns); strengthening the Disclose Act, etc.
  • Supporting our sisters and brothers in the labor movement, and the PRO Act to repeal “right-to-work for less” laws and make it easier for workers to organize a union.
  • Opposing efforts of Silicon Valley tech companies like Uber, Lyft and Doordash to expand their influence over the CDP and undermine its commitment to organized labor.
  • Reuniting families, with long term social services to address the trauma inflicted by the current Administration’s inhumane policies; immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship.
  • Supporting the ratification of the 28th Amendment (expanded ERA).
  • We support the Homeless Bill of Rights that was sponsored by Assemblymember Ammiano in 2013, which would guarantee certain rights to homeless people, such as the right to use public space in the same manner as any other person, including resting, moving about, eating, congregating together, soliciting donations, praying, and meditating, among other rights.


Why should you vote for the Progressive Slate?

The Progressive Slate delegates will be your eyes, ears, and, most importantly, your voice within the California Democratic Party. We are committed to listening to you and keeping you informed about CDP activities so you can advocate for the work you elect us to do;
Progressive Slate delegates work for progressive issues and candidates at the State party level and beyond. We magnify our voice by networking with all the Progressive Slates throughout California;

Progressive Slate delegates represent the diversity and changing demographics of the big tent community that is the California Democratic Party. The slate includes new candidates as well as incumbents who provide experience, institutional knowledge, and a leadership pipeline. We demonstrate a strong level of grassroots activism, a commitment to speaking truth to (and about) power, and a commitment of time and energy for this important work.

What have Progressive delegate slates helped accomplish so far?


  • Forming of Progressive Caucus within CDP, growing it to be our largest caucus
  • Stronger Progressive Platform, increased progressive representation in standing committees, and continued work for a progressive legislative agenda
  • 58-County Plan (Democratic Central Committees in all counties; geographical clubs)
  • Increased participation in ADEM Elections and elimination of “donation” (poll tax) at the door
  • Changes to CDP Bylaws to increase the proportion of grassroots elected delegates to one third, relative to appointed delegates and central committee delegates
  • CDP Bylaws reform to limit automatic endorsement of incumbents, allowing challenge.
  • Requiring all candidates for public office seeking CDP endorsement to pledge that they have received and read the CDP platform in its most current form
  • Reducing the power of superdelegates, increasing progressive representation in the DNC
  • Supported successful Legislative Action initiatives evolving from Party resolutions and planks, such as Green New Deal legislation in solidarity with the Environmental Caucus.


Coming Up in April 2021:


  • Party Leadership Elections
  • Adopting new ByLaws that democratize the Party.